IBTM World

  • 31/01/2018

The last thirty November, we went to the IBTM World Fair. My first impression was of surprise, since there were a lot of people there. At the beginning of the fair, we did not know very well where to go, but with at the end of the morning we understood the reason of this fair. At the fair of IBTM World I learned a lot about the customs between different countries.
Before going to the fair I did not know that countries used marketing for themselves, I thought they did not need it. It was also interesting for me that there were private companies, such as hotels, restaurants, that are present at the fair, and to promote their services.
On the other hand, the conference was very interesting. The speaker talked about the differences between countries and their cultures, but always with a touch of humor.
We learned about it and he gave many examples to explain it. The talk was funny and entertaining, so it was a good experience in my case.